How to Cultivate Your Inspiration.

19 October 2020
Lea Barclay

So you’ve got a lot of ideas for your new house, a new room, your upcoming wedding or a new business that you want to start. How do you evaluate all of this random information in one meaningful, useful area that you can see and share easily?

One really useful way is by creating a mood board. Mood boards can be as simple as pasting images to a presentation or display board or if you want more flexibility, to create your boards on a social media pin stick board like Pinterest or Instagram Collections.

How to Start?

  • Download and sign up for a social media app like Pinterest
  • Decide what the purpose of your board will be and name the board. Some ideas might be: My New Home, Interior Designs Ideas, House Architecture, Holiday Decor, Party Ideas, Recipes to Try, DIY, Colour Palettes…this is your board do it your way.
  • If your project is complicated you may want to break it down into different sections. For example, my new home can be broken down into dining room, living room, bathrooms etc.
  • You may want to share your board with other collaborators. You will have to invite them to contribute.

Where Do I Find Inspiration?

  • Once you’ve named your board, follow other pinners that you admire — think magazines, designer’s influencers, brands, friends, et. For example I follow Architectural Digest, House & Home, Gourmet Magazine and Women’s Wear Daily.
  • Download the Pinterest app extension which allows you to find ideas anywhere on the internet and easily pin straight to your board.
  • Design Fairs, Blogs and pictures from life can yield great content.

A good idea before you start is to research mood boards on the internet; some are comprised of uplifting words or ideas, some are works of art themselves. You will need to decide how you want your board to look, who will have access to see it (close friends or the whole world) and who will be able to contribute and make changes.

Your mood board can be just something you use as a tool online, print out and put up on a wall or shown to trades, suppliers, clients or other interested parties. Have fun with it! Now go out and be inspired!

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